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Do what a responsible factory do

In the past few days, you may have heard about 2019ncov  from various sources.But there are still many specific plots you don’t know, which is exactly what we want to share with you. Such as the provincial level governments to restrict movement, restrict business for a period of time and the voluntary dutiful cooperation of 1.4 billion citizens who are in the majority quietly staying at home to let the virus pass. It is these efforts that have brought the epidemic to a flat state.

So glad to tell you that we (office) and the main works in factory have started to work. it is certain that your order will be arranged first and we will try our best to shorten the delivery time.

Our cooperation will continue, and if you are concerned about the risks associated with the transportation of goods, I assure you that our products will be fully disinfected in factories and warehouses, and that the goods will take a long time in transit and that the virus will not survive, which you can follow the official response of the World Health Organization.

China is a large country with a history of more than 5000 years, in this long history, such an outbreak, we have met many times, the outbreak is only short, cooperation is long-term, we will continue to improve the quality of our products so that our products on the world stage!




Post time: Feb-26-2020
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