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FLOWTECH , Aug.31th-Sep.2nd, Booth No.7.2H533, Shanghai city

Hope to meet you in Shanghai city, Aug.31th-Sep.2nd,Booth No.7.2H533

Co-win have found 10 years, have 200 workers and 35 sets of CNC lathe, production ability 100tons per month.

Our main products as below:
-Stainless steel screw fittings (ISO4144 standard)
-Stainless steel ball valves (1PC/2PC/3PC ball valve,flange valve etc.)
-Stainless steel camlocks(type A/B/C/D/E/F/DC/DP)

-Disconnect fittings
-OEM products according clients require

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Post time: Aug-06-2020
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